Random Acts of Kindness


The opportunity for random acts of kindness are everywhere. This morning, one of these opportunities sprung up during my daily routine of waiting for the MUNI. I walked to my nearest train stop which happens to be on Dolores Park, which happens to have one of the best views of the city. It’s rare to see families together in a park on a Wednesday morning, and it was obvious that these were tourists. I thought it was such a cute photo to see the four of them perfectly centered on this bench taking in the breathtaking view of San Francisco. I figured they would have plenty of photos of them smiling with the Transamerica Building/ Coit Tower/ Golden Gate Bridge in the background. But this was a special, genuine moment of them being natural – no forced smiles – just cuddling up next to each other on this blustery day. I snapped this photo and asked if they’d be interested in getting a copy. The dad, a bit surprised by this random gesture, was happy to give me his email address. A few minutes later they started to walk away.

“Are you Rebecca?”


“Just received the photo. It’s wonderful, thank you!”

<good feelings ensue>

I recently went to a free art exhibit in Chicago, Stefan Sagmeister’s “The Happy Show”, and snapped this photo:


By making others happy, I myself will be happy. Maybe my random acts of kindness aren’t completely altruistic. But if I’m spreading good to the world, isn’t that okay?


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