Entrepreneurs As our Ancestors Knew Them

Poiret final

A French fashion designer who made his name with the controversial kimono coat, Paul Poiret was an entrepreneur of his time. Now let’s be clear: This is not a blog post about fashion trends. My admiration for Paul Poiret goes much deeper. It’s for his audacity to try new things, new shapes, in the face of critique. He invented the concept of draping, at a time where all fashion was tailored to perfection, and also experimented with trends from Asia, including harem pantaloons and lampshade tunics. Not all saw Poiret’s creations as beauty, but nonetheless he continued on his artistic endeavor. For this reason, he is said to be the Picasso of the fashion world.

“What a horror! When there are low fellows who run after our sledges and annoy us, we have their heads cut off, and we put them in sacks just like that.”  – the Russian princess Bariantinsky 

If you’re a risk-taker like Poiret was, some of your ideas will be perceived as impossible or just sheer crazy. It’s natural that distrubing the status quo would be met with disbelief. But is the only thing that gives evolution to our thoughts, our culture, and our species.

Next up in the Entrepreneurs as Our Ancestors Knew Them series: Pablo Picasso, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Claude Monet.

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